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  • Provides results in 5 seconds and requires only 0.6 μl of blood sample
  • Individual foil-wrapped strips for minimized contamination and influence from external factors
  • Re-application of blood on the same test strip when first application is inadequate
  • Minimised potential interference from over 60 common medications and substance.
  • Records and stores up to 450 test reading.

FreeStyle Optium Meter Test 50 Strips 


  • Simple to use

  • Sounds alerts

  • With colour and audio alerts, you are alerted when blood glucose levels are extremely high, high or low
LKR 6,500.00

Comes with a 3 year warranty

Latex & metal free , slim fit cuff
Irregular Heart beat Indicator
WHO Blood Pressure classification Indicator
30 Memories + Average Reading 
Power supply (4xR6P ) Batteries / AC Adaptor

LKR 7,500.00

comes with a 3 year warranty

Automatic  Inflation & Deflation
ADULT slim fit cuff (22-32cm)
% IHB Indicator to show frequency of irregular Heartbeat
Cuff Fit  Error Indicator
Movement Error Indicator
60 Memories + Average Readings
Power supply (4xR6P ) Batteries / AC Adaptor
WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator

Automatic  Inflation & Deflation
Newly design smooth fit cuff for painless & comfortable measurements fit cuff  (17-32cm)
Tri Check mode for consecutive 3 measurements & average reading
 Irregular heart Beat   Indicator  (IHB)
•       Cuff Fit  Error Indicator
My pressure setting mode (AUTO/180/210/240)
Movement Error Indicator
90 Memories + Average Readings (All/AM/PM)
WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
Power supply (4xR6P ) Batteries / AC Adaptor

Lifetime Warranty

Warranty claims at Lifeserv (Pvt) Ltd