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LKR 250.00

Anlene High Calcium Low Fat Milk-Based Powder is a good source of Calcium. Anlene has the unique combination of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D for calcium absorption and strong bones. 

  • Provides results in 5 seconds and requires only 0.6 μl of blood sample
  • Individual foil-wrapped strips for minimized contamination and influence from external factors
  • Re-application of blood on the same test strip when first application is inadequate
  • Minimised potential interference from over 60 common medications and substance.
  • Records and stores up to 450 test reading.
LKR 820.00
LKR 465.00
LKR 425.00
LKR 390.00
LKR 315.00
LKR 2,650.00
LKR 4,095.00