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Control AST Glucometer kit with 25 Free strips

Brand : Crotez

25 Free strips available with the device.

LKR 2,520.00 LKR 3,150.00 Save 20%
Tax excluded

Product Special Features :  Easy to use ,most accurate and consistant, needs a tiny drop of blood ( 1 uL) - means less pain, Alternate site testing (AST) , Bio-sensor Technology (provides very accurate resukts), Capillary action ( automatically draws blood into the strip), fast results (in just 5 seconds), Sample type : ca[ilary whole blood, 7-90 days averaging, 250 test memory , 10 - 600 result rangeBattery life - 5000 tests, Auto shutoff in 3 minutes, LIFE TIME WARRANTY . Supplier - US Diagnostics inc., in New York, USA.


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