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Brand : Velona

LKR 1,539.00 LKR 1,710.00 Save 10%
Tax excluded

Velona Cuddles Diapers are manufactured to world class standards.
The Velona Cuddles offer a triple elastic ear patch, prevents leakages with a high absorbent space,
it also comes with an elastic waist band that keeps baby comfortable and snug.
The wetness indicator on the diaper alerts when the diaper needs to be changed.
Features Triple Elastic Ear-Patch: let the baby move more freely Prevents leakages :
prevent leg from being o-shape Super Absorbent Core : imported SAP has
super-absorbing performance and solid water locking, makes the surface dry in double quick time Aloe Liners:
natural aloe nourishes the baby's skin and keeps it supple and soft Wetness Indicator:
indicates to mum when the baby need a change Elastic Waist Band: provides a snug, comfortable
fit Ultra Breathable Back-Sheet: allows fresh air to circulate around baby's bottom, so as to keep skin dry


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