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Marvel Baby Diapers 4PCS (M)

Brand : MARVEL

LKR 170.00
Tax excluded
Out of stock

Your cute once could now get an uninterrupted 12 hour sleep with Marvel Baby Diapers.
Marvel Baby Diapers are made with ultra-absorbent layers, extra leakage protection and with wetness indicators.
Elastic Waist Band for a Perfect Fit.
Refastenable Velcro Tapes for a strong grip. Refastenable frontal tapes, good for multiple times
        of tape applications, easy to use.
Unique Leg Cuff prevents leaks. Soft and fitted leakage guards help stop leakage to minimize accidents,
        you can use it far more safely.
Advanced Absorbent system for a clean & dry feel. The acquisition layer improves the rate of absorption,
        greatly reduce the risk of leakage and any potential feeling of wetness.
Soft Breathable Cloth-like back sheet.Waterproof back sheet that enables the air to flow to maximize skin integrity.
Wetness Indicator.The wetness indicator will disappear in contact with urine and indicates when the pad should be
        changed for maximum comfort.


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